The Privatklinik Lindberg is actively involved in its community

As an institution in Winterthur for more than 110 years, the Privatklinik Lindberg is involved in sport, education, culture and social life in the region. 



EHC Winterthur

Founded in 1963, the club plays in the national league B since the 2015/2016 season. EHC Winterthur has won four Regio League championships and was three times runner up in the Regio League. EHC is one of the promising clubs of the Swiss Ice Hockey League. The Privatklinik Lindberg supports the club as a silver sponsor and medical partner.

Winterthur Women's Run

The annual run over 5 or 10 kilometres promotes women’s health and fitness. The Privatklinik Lindberg is the event’s medical partner and advises runners on any problems they may have.

Classic Open Air at the Rychenbergpark

Winterthur’s College of Music, founded in 1629, held its first annual Classic Open Air concert in 2014. The Privatklinik Lindberg is the event’s chief sponsor and thus helps to support the Orchestra and the College of Music’s conservatoire.

Museum Oskar Reinhart

Das ehemalige Gymnasium beim Stadtpark beherbergt seit 1951 gegen 600 Bilder und Zeichnungen von schweizerischen, deutschen und österreichischen Künstlern. Zu verdanken hat Winterthur dies dem Winterthurer Kunstförderer Oskar Reinhart. Die Privatklinik Lindberg hat 2017 die Neuhängung der Sammlung im 1. Stock finanziell unterstützt. Die Initiative dazu ging vom Kunstverein Winterthur aus. Auch künftig wird die Privatklinik Lindberg ds Museum Oskar Reinhart unterstützen.


Healthy sleep specialists

Our cooperation with "ruhepuls" (literally, pulse at rest), the healthy sleep specialists based in Seuzach (near Winterthur), means we are now able to help patients suffering from pain and tension to find suitable solutions for sleeping and resting. Having the right bed and mattress can often lead to massive improvements in the recovery and regeneration process and help to prevent new problems. Relaxation guaranteed for back and neck.

Brühlgut Foundation

Winterthur: The non-profit-making foundation helps and supports people with disabilities and offers them accommodation, jobs, occupational therapy and trainee positions in Winterthur.

Quellenhof Foundation

The non-profit-making, Christian ecumenical Quellenhof Foundation offers sheltered workplaces and therapeutic communities for people with addictions and psychiatric problems.

ZHAW Winterthur

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. Teaching, research, continuing education, service provision and consultation are practice-oriented and scientifically based.


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Home Instead

Home Instead ist eine Seniorenbetreuungsfirma und unterstützt Patienten, nach ihrem Austritt aus der Privatklinik Lindberg.

Das Betreuungspersonal kümmert sich individuell um Sie und hilft da, wo es nötig ist  (Einkauf, Kochen, Hauswirtschaft, Betreuung, Grundpflege, etc.).

Jointly with Swiss Medical Network

Genolier Foundation

The Privatklinik Lindberg is linked with the Foundation, which supports patients with no access to healthcare, through the Swiss Medical Network.


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