International patients

25 years of experience in caring for our international patients

Privatklinik Lindberg offers first-class medical care – particularly in the areas of nephrology, orthopaedics, internal medicine and pain therapy.

With a highly specialised medical team, the latest-generation technical facilities and ultra-modern operating theatres, Privatklinik Lindberg has an excellent reputation both in Switzerland and around the world.

Everything has been done to make visits by patients from abroad as easy as possible. From their first day to their last, they can count on individual support at each stage of their journey, their medical treatment and their stay.

In other words, our guiding principles are: EXPERTISE, EXCLUSIVITY, EXCELLENCE

Privatklinik Lindberg expertise

A network of expertise, on the same site, at the patient’s service

In der Privatklinik Lindberg profitieren Sie von der Kompetenz von fast 110 in der Inneren Medizin und in der Chirurgie anerkannten Ärzten und modernsten technischen Einrichtungen.

Mit fast 30 Fachgebieten am selben Standort steht alles zur Verfügung, um ein Maximum Ihrer Bedürfnisse abzudecken.

An entire department dedicated to international patients: GENOLIER PATIENT SERVICES

We have a team of medical coordinators, fluent in French, German, English, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Chinese, who are fully dedicated to you and will take care of the following:

  • Helping you to prepare for your journey
  • Referring you towards the specialists who are best suited to cater for your needs
  • Coordinating all the administrative requirements
  • Organising all the medical appointments and surgical procedures
  • Your follow-up on site and once you return home

Genolier Patient Services

Privatklinik Lindberg room

An excellent stay

We know that a pleasant and comfortable environment also aids patient recovery.

Privatklinik Lindberg offers first-class hospitality, comfortable and welcoming rooms, worthy of a five-star hotel.
And all this is accompanied by exceptional food, providing a unique culinary experience.

A step-by-step guide to your stay at Privatklinik Lindberg:

1. Get in touch with us

We invite you to send us your medical file, which will be distributed to our qualified personnel in complete confidentiality.

It is recommended that you send us a file that is as complete as possible so that we can suggest the most appropriate programme of treatment to you.

The information that we require includes the following:

  • A description of your symptoms
  • Medical and diagnostic reports
  • Medical images: ultrasound, CT or MRT files (DICOM files)
  • Laboratory results
  • Or any other information that you consider useful

+41 43 268 75 26

You can send us this information in the following ways:

By post to:

Privatklinik Lindberg

Genolier Patient Services – International Medical Coordination
Schickstrasse 11
CH-8400 Winterthur

By digital transfer:

2. We take both your medical needs and your accommodation needs into account

We will confirm receipt once we have received your request safely and will then get back in touch to find out the details of the additional services you require: the type of room, the number of people accompanying you, interpreting services, etc.

Accommodation for your accompanying persons

Our medical coordinators are able to offer you various accommodation options for your accompanying persons: with you, in your room (maximum of one person) or in a junior suite.

3. Offer regarding your care and programme of medical treatment

Once the preparation work has been done, your coordinator will send you a personalised offer for your care, based on the physician’s recommendations.

Your coordinator will remain at your disposal to help you with the administrative requirements: your visa application, the transfer from the airport and interpreting services in particular.

4. Confirmation of your stay

Once you confirm your stay, we will ask you for a deposit corresponding to the quoted amount. This will enable us to prepare for your arrival in the best possible way.

At the end of your stay, we will refund the remaining amount of this deposit to you.

If need be, we can help you to secure a visa by sending you a letter of invitation once you confirm your stay.

5. Your arrival

If you wish, we can organise your transport in a limousine or, if necessary, by medical transport. A member of our team will welcome you to the hospital and accompany you to your room.

6. Your stay at Privatklinik Lindberg

Your medical coordinator will be your first point of contact throughout your stay. If you have any questions of a medical nature, your medical coordinator will redirect you to your referring doctor, who will be available to reply to you at all times.

At your convenience, your coordinator will be available to organise transport for you, a spa day, a tourist break in the local region or in one of the prestigious hotels of the Michel Reybier Hospitality Group.

7. Your departure and your medical follow-up

Once your programme of treatment has been completed, your coordinator will ensure that you receive your medical report and will organise your follow-up appointment.

Following your departure, your coordinator will remain at your disposal for any questions.